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Mick Morgan – I Can’t Spake


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He may have spent over 50 years in the game mixing it with some of the toughest opponents the world of rugby league could offer as a player, however it was the utterance of just three words that catapulted the ebullient Mick Morgan into cyber-space stratosphere.

Of course, as befits a man whose entry into modern technology involved buying a mobile phone and immediately passing it onto wife Brenda for use because he was unable to “work it out,” Mick was unaware of the comedy gold his inability to “spake” had created.

Until, that is, his grandchildren pointed it out…….




ISBN – 978-0-9955081-6-3

A5 Paperback Book with 200 pages containing photographs.

Priced 9.99

3 reviews for Mick Morgan – I Can’t Spake

  1. Martin Simmonds

    What an excellent read.Could not put the book down once i started it.Plenty ov hilarious tales.Would certainly recommend if ur a fan of rugby league

  2. Cas Samson

    Best book in the world, never mind any other book! It’s a fine book and I read it again. I can’t spake. We all can’t spake!

  3. Jacci northedge

    I would like to get a copy of this book for a friends 70th birthday as he knew Mick during his teenage years and i know he would love this book! It is out of print so if anyone out there has a copy which they are willing to sell or if anyone knows where i can get a copy with a signature would be great! Heres hoping someone can help!!

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